Welcome! My name is Amanda Vink. I’m a writer and an actress. I’m an adventurous homebody. I’m a storyteller.

I’m someone who looks at the world and wants to know more about it—I bet that’s something you can relate to. 

Mission Statement. 

It’s been apparent for some time that our world is in trouble. During the past 200 years, human activity has dumped carbon into the atmosphere at an unrelenting rate. At first, the ocean absorbed much of this access carbon. It’s become apparent the ocean can no longer hold access carbon. The temperature is rising. Coral reefs are dying. Arctic ice masses are shrinking.

In various places around the world, there have been massive wildfires, torrential rain, droughts, and the extinction of an unthinkable number of species. 

If humans want to continue to live on this planet, we need to change our relationship with nature. We will need to push for policy changes that support the environment. As individuals, we also need to advocate for the changes we want to see. By voting with our dollars, we can actively participate in this shift. By imagining solutions and pushing for new technologies, we can create change.

There is still hope for a future that includes us human beings. 

This blog: Wonder Planet. 

In this blog, we’ll look at these policies and new technologies. We’ll explore nature. I’ll share with you my experiences in trying to live a more sustainable life—starting where I am. I’m not going to sell my home and go live in a zero-carbon footprint tiny house (although my friends will tell you that I’ve been looking into tiny houses for a long time). What I do believe is that little changes add up—and we can all make little changes that aren’t overwhelming.

That’s not all this blog is. I’m a storyteller, so this blog will reflect that.

There are so many places to find magic in the world—so many things worth writing down and noticing. Finding the wonder in the world is not some cheap parlor trick, and it’s also not very difficult to do once you get going.

Let’s find some wonder together, shall we?

Photo by Amanda Vink